Service Project 2016

Service Project 2016

Thursday January 28, 2016

Today I am in Kisii, while Frank heads back to Matete to pick Stan up and then we'll head to Narok.  Yesterday we finished the floor at Olochani.  It's been four days of hiking up and down the hill so Frank and I certainly got our aerobics in.  The following pictures will help take you through the process. After the ballast and concrete was laid and dried overnight, the next step was the sand and cement mixture.  Butch and Dave and Tim will notice this is a little different process than our other projects.




As the sand and cement are mixed, it is troweled onto the floor. Here the funde (foreman) is forming and trowling the pulpit area - what the Masaai call 'the altar'.


This next picture is strictly a shout out to Butch who asked his former boss to contribute to the project.  He came through with gloves and an emergency medical kit.


All the guys were really grateful for the gloves.  Thank you Butch!

Today the final finish was applied to the floor. Come in and see!



The white dots on the floor come from the sun streaming through the nail holes in the roof - which for some reason, doesn't leak.


Pastor Benson Ntuntai and the Olochani church want me to express their great gratitude for those who gave to make this happen. With the floor in place, the church can now serve as a school for the surrounding rural area.  The nearest school is about 5 km away and this will give the kids living around here a chance for an education.




Service Project 2016
Service Project 2016


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