API Summer Conference - Lodwar

We've been in Nairobi since Wednesday evening. Rob and Roger arrived about an hour before me and cooled their heels with Frank at the airport Java House until I arrived. We then drove to our hotel, the Mayweather, in the Kiambu suburbs of Nairobi. Thursday was spent exhanging money, buying supplies and meeting with a pastor who had contacted us from our website wanting to invite us come and train the pastors in his association.

Pastor Benson Mutulu and his son Isaac

Pastor Benson Mutulu heads up a group of about 35 pastors in the Satellite suburb of Nairobi where they have begun what they call a Leadership Discipleship Institute. Their goal is to train up pastors and church leaders in their area and they are looking to partner with API to do that. Thursday evening we had a great dinner at one of my favorite places in Nairobi, 360 Pizza.

Friday morning we had breakfast at the Nove Coffee Roasters (funny how we always end up in coffee joints!) and spent the morning finishing out our supply list and bargaining for baskets.

The basket market

 Bargaining for baskets


This afternoon we rested, repacked our books and luggage for the flight tomorrow to Lodwar and worked on details of the conference. Both Rob and Frank, our Kenyan associate, are working through severe colds so we would ask for your prayers for their health and endurance. Pray that neither Roger nor I would catch whatever they have! We would also ask you to pray that Fly540, the airline we take tomorrow, would be gracious to us in their consideration of overweight baggage fees. We have lots of books and materials we need to get to Lodwar and we have to take them with us on this flight.

API Summer Conference - Lodwar
API Pastor's Conference Spring 2017


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