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El Shaddai Children's Centre is the first existing orphanage API has chosen to sponsor.More

Clildren Needing Support:
Abraham Ndungu
Moses Muya Martin Kamiri
Stephen Gachuru Moses Gacuma Kennedy Mongare
John Thuku James Kimani Dedan Murugu
Gabriel Gitau David Matua Geoffrey Waithaka
Kelvin Mwaniki Samson Gicaru Stephen Wanjema
Wilson Omondi

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The number of orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) in Kenya is in the millions. There are over two million alone whose parents have died of AIDS. There are hundreds of thousands more whose families are so poor they give children away so they can be fed and raised by others. Tens of thousands more became orphans as a result of the 2008 post-election violence where over a thousand adults were killed and over 600,000 people lost their homes and were housed in IDP (internally displaced persons) camps.

API envisions a three-tiered model to care for OVC’s in Kenya

  1. Support Existing Orphanages: the typical orphanages that get children off the street and feed and clothe them.
  2. Support Church-Family OVC’s: help with education and medical expenses for orphans living with church families.
  3. Develop Agape Life Academy: a system developed from the ground-up to provide an education while preparing orphans to become model citizens in the Christian and secular worlds.

We need to raise children to love God and their fellow man, without seeing tribe or race, and to become leaders in their homes, communities, churches, businesses, industry and government.

Support Existing Orphanages

We will partner with existing orphanages by providing sponsorship for each of their children on a monthly basis. This will allow the orphanage to improve their infrastructure, make improvements in their daily feeding programs, provide education and medical care, and increase their census. It also means that donated monies will go directly to the children and not to bricks and mortar projects. While building new orphanages are part of a long-range plan, more immediate impact will occur by supporting existing orphanages.

Support Church-Family OVC’s

Many families within the church have adopted orphans from their extended families or the community. While this may provide for the immediate needs of the orphan, it does so at the expense of every family member. We can help these children by a one-time gift each school term (3 times a year) to pay for school uniforms, books, supplies, a desk if required, and monies for special school trips and projects. These donations would not be provided in cash, but the actual goods would be purchased by the church and distributed to orphans within church families. As donations increase, these same services can be extended to orphans living with family members outside the church as a witness of God’s love.

Develop Agape Life Academy

There needs to be a different model to care for orphans that just doesn’t taken them off the street, feed them and send them to government schools with 80-100 children in a classroom. Agape Life Academy will combine a Christian growth environment, a gifted educational program and a loving family environment complete with a father, mother and big brother or sister.

Orphans and a like number of students from the community will be in mixed classrooms beginning in grade 1. At day’s end, the community students return home and the orphans experience family life with a surrogate father and mother who will stay with them for their complete 12 years of schooling at Agape Life Academy. Emphasis will be in developing children with strong academic, leadership and vocational skills that grow daily in their love and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Each year, new classrooms and residence homes will be built for the next grade level. This makes the project viable from many perspectives: financial, project development, teacher training and curriculum development, infrastructure expansion, etc. A series of enterprise programs will be initiated to help make the Academy self-sustaining. In addition to tuition from community students and orphan sponsorship, additional revenue from a furniture and cabinet shop, a uniform and clothing manufacturing shop and a computer graphics and desktop publishing shop will help offset costs. We will raise our own food and have livestock for meat, eggs and dairy products. Any excess will be sold to the community.

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